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The Calculation Companion

for Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7/Win8

NOTE: Registration information has changed for version 10.0a and later.

See upgrade notes below.

ProKon (short for Professional Converter) is a 32-bit Microsoft Windows program that is intended to perform numerical conversions between the various units used in the scientific and business community.  Early versions of ProKon were capable of performing this, and only this, function.  As the program has evolved, many things have been added so that the current version is capable of doing much, much more. Following is a complete description ProKon and what ProKon is capable of doing for you. ProKon is intended for use with Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.  ProKon cannot be used with Windows 3.11 or earlier versions. There is a 16-bit version of ProKon available (called SICon) that is capable of this.

Beginning with v10.0u, ProKon is compatible with Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows Vista 64-Bit, Windows 7 64-Bit, and Windows 8 64-Bit

The primary use for ProKon is to convert numerical data to/from various units of measurement.  While focusing on conversions between the metric and Imperial (English) systems of measurement, it is capable of performing conversions between many other units, foreign, ancient, and archaic.  ProKon's capabilities have grown to the point that it is capable of performing well over 500,000 different unique conversions.  You would have a difficult time finding a measurement unit that is not already included in ProKon.  Even if you could, ProKon has the capability of storing any special conversion units that you might come up with in a special "Custom" conversion class.

The conversions in ProKon are grouped into various "Classes".  Each class contains units that would logically fit in the Class description.  Examples of classes are Mass, Length, Viscosity, Density, Concentration, Light, Temperature, Area, etc.  In all, there are 26 Classes to select from.  Each of the units contained in any Class can be converted to any of the other compatible units in the Class.  Selection of a pair of units for conversion presents a calculation window in which calculations can be performed.  Calculations are performed 'dynamically', meaning that as values are entered under one unit, the converted value is updated instantaneously to the other unit.  Either conversion value may be edited to dynamically display results - useful for 'what if' calculations.   All data shown can be printed, or copied to Windows clipboard and file.

ProKon also contains a Periodic Table of the Elements.  Selecting the Periodic Table class shows the complete periodic table of the elements.  Any element may be selected to bring up a window showing pertinent data on that element.  Such things as atomic number, atomic weight, density, oxidation states, melting point, boiling point are shown along with descriptive text on the element giving reactivity, uses, sources, prevalence, toxicity, etc.  All data shown can be printed, or copied to Windows clipboard and file.

A Class titled 'Material Density' gives density of over 600 common materials.  Approximate density is given in both metric and Imperial (English) units.  Densities are available for materials from acetylene to flint to mahogany to zirconium. Again, all data shown can be printed, or copied to Windows clipboard and file.

A 'Geometry' Class gives a folder of common geometric formulae.  Each page of the folder shows a keyed graphic of a geometric figure along with various formulae that can be used to perform calculations pertinent to that figure.  Very useful for finding that formula that you learned in school but 'forgot'.

A 'Constants' Class contains a folder of various types of numerical constants used in the scientific and academic communities.  These lists are a valuable reference tool for constants used in chemistry, physics, mathematics, etc.

Also available from within ProKon is ProKalc, a pop-up combination scientific/financial calculator with a scrolling tape.  The ProKon calculator is capable of performing all of the standard math operations +, -, X, /, as well as such things as logarithms, natural logs, trigonometric functions, hyperbolic functions, powers, roots, factorials, combinations, permutations, reciprocals, percentages, etc.  Financial calculations such as present value, future value, loan calculations, profit/loss, interest, currency conversions, dividend, and investments can be performed.  A 10-location, non-volatile memory that is saved between sessions in included.  Although very intuitive and easy to use, integrated help is available for all calculator functions.  All or a portion of the calculator tape can be printed or sent to clipboard or file.  The ProKon calculator features 15-digit accuracy with no rounding errors.

The 'Miscellaneous' Classes actually offers 62 additional modules, some of which give access to databases of information on various topics. Others allow calculation of various types of data that are not true 'conversions' but that are, nevertheless, quite useful. Modules available are: a module for inorganic chemicals that gives data such as formula weight, density, physical form, melting point, boiling point, etc. on a very large number of inorganic chemicals, a nutritional database that gives nutritional data on a large number of food items, for instance, calories, fat content, carbohydrate content, etc. A 'Standard Sieve' module gives information such as sieve opening size, standard sieve number, wire size, etc. on the standard sieve series and a 'Wire/Sheet Gauge' module gives wire diameter and sheet thickness in both metric and Imperial units. A 'Number Base Conversion' module allows conversion of decimal, binary, octal, or hexadecimal values between the various systems and an 'Electrical Calculation' module allows calculation of various electrical properties such as ohms, volts, watts, energy cost, and electric motor properties. A 'Meteorological' module allows calculation of numerous 'weather' related values such as relative humidity, dew point, wind chill index, etc. Recent additions to Miscellaneous for contractor or engineering type work include a Concrete module that allows calculation of various information needed by contractors and those involved in calculating quantities of concrete required for concrete pours, a Lumber module allowing calculation of data related to board feet requirements, a Paint module which calculates paint requirements and theoretical paint coverage, a Twist Drill Size module giving a database of info, and a Gauge module giving thickness and diameter requirements of various systems of wire and sheet gauge. A graphical and interactive Resistor/Capacitor module allows calculation of resistance or capacitance values through a point-and-click interface. Other modules include an Irrigation module which allows calculation of irrigation requirements such as time to irrigate, amount of irrigation water required, area or quantity of water required, a Roman Numerals module which allows calculation of Roman numerals from decimal value and which allows simple math performed on Roman numerals, a Fractions module allowing conversion to and from fractions and decimals, and a Formula Weight calculator module which allows calculation of chemical formula weight by simply entering a chemical formula. To go on, there's a Sound module, an architectural symbol database, and a module that allows currency conversions to and from approximately 220 currencies from around the world. The currency rate conversion module allows for instant updates of the currency conversion factors database from the internet. These rate factors are current within a day and come to you compliments of ShowMe Software. To round out the Miscellaneous class is a module that allows calculation of various 'solution' parameters such as the amount of material required to dissolve in an existing solution to obtain a solution of a given strength or the amount of water to add to a solution of given strength to reduce its strength.  Look below for a comprehensive list of the various modules available.

With the latest version, the Miscellaneous Class has been split into Miscellaneous I and Miscellaneous II. In addition, several new modules have been added. These include a Paper module that allows the calculation of various paper measures. Also added are a Metal Hardness, a Mixed Density, A Numbers by Name, a Metric Prefix module, Traffic Marking calculation, and a water vapor permeability module.

Also in the latest version are two new menu items called Find and GoTo.  Both of these menu items can be found in the main menu item titled Locate.  The Find menu shows a list containing all of the units contained in ProKon that are located in the various unit conversion modules.  The list of units is searchable to make it easy to locate a unit in the list.  This list of units is useful if you're not sure which module a specific unit might be located in.  Selecting a unit from the Find list will take you directly to the module containing that unit.  The GoTo menu item shows a list of all of the modules contained in ProKon.  The Goto list is also searchable and allows the user to go directly to any module in ProKon, including those modules normally accessed from the Miscellaneous I and Miscellaneous II screens.

NOTE:  ProKon  includes ProKalc- The Scientific/Financial/Geometry Calculator as a pop-up utility from within the ProKon program.  If you do not wish the additional system overhead of running ProKon just to have access to ProKalc, you can consider purchase of a separate license for ProKalc.

Beginning with version 10.0a, ProKon is compatible with Windows XP Themes. Beginning with version 10.0u, ProKon uses a help file (prokon.chm) to be compatible with Windows Vista.

Beginning with version 10.0v, ProKon has a new installation utility based on InnoSetup, a very popular program for creating installs.

ProKon is 32-bit software and is compatible with all versions of 32-bit Windows 95/ 98/ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Win 7, and Win 8.  

Beginning with v10.0u, ProKon is compatible with Windows XP 64-Bit,Windows Vista 64-Bit, Windows 7 64-Bit, and Windows 8 64-Bit

A complete listing of the Miscellaneous modules is as follows:

--- New or Updated modules included in this version ---

Abbreviations - Database containing numerous abbreviations and acronyms.
Air Properties - Determine properties of air at different altitudes.
Altitude - Calculate altitude from atmospheric pressure and visa versa.
Angle/Pitch of Roof - Calculates pitch and angles of roof.
Antenna - Calculate ground plane data for antenna counterpoise.
ASCII Converter - Converts keyboard data to various data types.
Atmospheric Sound Absorption - Calculate absorption of sound waves.
Blood Sugar - Converts blood sugar content between US and European data.
Body Mass Index - Index value computed for your weight and height.
Body Surface Area - Calculate surface area of your body.
Caloric Consumption - Calculate calories burned from running.
Concentration - Parts per million, parts per billion, percent calculations.
Concrete - Calculate cubic yards of concrete required.
Conductors - Calculate resistance of various sizes and types of conductors.
Cost of Ownership - Determine the true cost of owning equipment.
Cricket Chirps - Determine air temperature from cricket chirps :-)
Custom Conversions - Maintain a database of special conversions.
Data Transfer Rate - Convert between various data transfer rates.
Data Size - Convert between various types of data.
Date Finder - Find dates forward and back in time.
Depth of Field - Calculates various photography parameters.
Due Date - Calculates various pregnancy data.
Earth Distance - Find distance between two points on earth.
Electrical Symbols - Numerous architectural electrical symbols.
Electricity - Calculate various electrical parameters, amps, volts, power, etc.
Emergent Stem - Determine emergent stem corrections for thermometers.
Emission Factors - Calculate various environmental emission parameters.
Exchange Rates - Convert between 200+ currencies from around the world.
Force - Calculate/Convert various Force units.
Formula Weight - Calculate formula weights from chemical formula.
Fractions - Convert between fractions and decimals and visa versa.
Fuel Economy - Calculate miles per gallon, gallons per kilometer, etc.
Function Parser - Solve any formula from data you enter.
Furnace Efficiency - Calculate payback for furnace upgrades.
Gradation - Convert between various sieve specifications.
Grade Point - Calculates grade point average and average letter grade.
Hydrometry - Convert between relative density and various hydrometer types.
Ideal Body Weight - Calculate your ideal body weight.
Inorganic Chemicals - Database of thousands of inorganic chemicals.
Irrigation - Calculate gallons per hour, inches of rainfall, etc.
Lean Body Weight - Calculate your lean body weight.
Lumber - Make various calculations such as board feet, lumber cost, etc.
Magnification - Convert various magnification parameters.
Map Scale - Calculate distances by various map scale measurements.
Material Density - Density of many miscellaneous materials.
Metal Hardness - Hardness calculation for a variety of hardness scales. 
Mechanical Advantage - Calculate mechanical advantage for various machines
Meteorology - Determine dew point, relative humidity, wind chill, etc.
Metric Prefix - Conversion between metric prefixes. 
Mixed Densities - Concentration from mixing of densities. 
Moon Phase - Comprehensive moon/sun rise/set and other astronomical data.
Morse Code - Creates Morse code and plays or saves to file.
Number Base - Convert between various number bases.
Numbers by Name - Convert between names of numbers. 
Nutrition - Database of nutritional information for many food items.
Ocean Distance - Calculate sight distances on the ocean.
Paint - Calculate paint coverage, mil thickness, etc.
Permeability - Calculate vapor permeability units.
Phone Number to Alpha Phrase - Phone number to alpha representation.
Polygon Calculation - Calculate interior and exterior angles for polygons.
Random Numbers - Generate random number tables.
Resistor/Capacitor - Calculate ohm and farads from color codes.
Ring Size - Convert ring size between various countries.
Road Materials - Calculates usage for various road building materials.
Roman Numerals - Do Roman numeral math and conversions.
Shoe Size - Convert shoe size between various countries.
Sieve Size - Database of sieve parameters.
Solution Preparation - Calculate requirements for chemical solutions.
Solutions - Calculate dilutions and other solution data.
Sound Level - Decibels from watts, etc.
Tank Volume - Calculate volume of various tank configurations.
Temperature Interval - Convert between intervals in various temperature units.
Thermal Expansion - Coefficient of thermal expansion of materials.
Tire/Gear - Calculate tire sizes, gear ratios, and vehicle speed.  
Traffic Marking - Calculate quantities and costs of traffic marking projects.
Twist Drill Sizes - Database of twist drill information.
Ventilation - Calculate air handler requirements.
Volatile Organic Content - Calculates the VOC of coatings.
Water Pressure - Calculate water pressure of sea water at depth.
Week/Day Number - Determine day of week, day number, week number.
Weight Maintenance - Calculate calories required to maintain weight.
Wire/Sheet Gauge - Database of many wire and sheet gauge data.
World Time - Calculate times for 1500 locations around the world.

New to this version of ProKon are several interesting modules. One module, called Moon Phase shows the phase of the moon for any date you select. Moon phase is calculated based on time and date you enter and is corrected for longitude and latitude which the user can also enter. In addition, various added lunar and solar parameters are calculated for the time, date and longitude and latitude selected, such as distance to the moon or sun, summer and winter solstice, spring and fall equinox, perigee, apogee, time of next solar and lunar eclipse. Lunar phase is displayed graphically as well as being calculated as a percentage. An additional module allows the calculation of mathematical equations in multiple variables. Variables can be user-defined and equations can be parsed with multiple levels of parenthesis. A unique drop down list allows for easy of selection of the multitude of standard mathematical operators available to the parser, such as sin, cos, sinh, max, min, tanh, ceiling, floor, as well as all of the standard mathematical operators.

ProKon features comprehensive on-line help throughout the program.  While very easy to use, the help system contains complete assistance for using the various program functions as well as much of the history of the metric system and considerable information on conversion to the metric system of measurement.

An installation utility (SETUP.EXE) is included to get ProKon up and running on your system and an uninstall feature allows removing ProKon from your system, should you prefer.  ProKon is compatible with Windows 95, Windows 98, ME, XP, 2000, and Windows NT. Many features can be configured to suit the taste of the individual user, for instance, screen locations and the color of many screen elements can be configured.

All in all, ProKon is a very comprehensive program.  ProKon is very useful for educators in teaching unit conversions, for students in the sciences, for anyone in the business world who must make occasional or frequent conversions between various systems of measurement, or for the homeowner for performing unit conversions in the shop or even the kitchen.

Upgrade Notes:  Beginning with version 10.0a, ProKon has undergone a significant interface upgrade.  All conversion modules are handled in a manner which allows the selection of all associated units from the same window that calculations are performed.  In addition, multiple conversions within a class can be grouped in tabular form.  This upgrade adds significant functionality to ProKon and constitutes a major improvement in the functionality of the program when used in the unit conversion mode.

Users who have a registered version of ProKon 10.0a or later are NOT required to order an upgrade to a newer version.  In this case, you can download the new version and install it over the top of your existing installation.  When you run the program for the first time, the proreg.ini file that contains your registration information will be retrieved by ProKon and you will be automatically registered for the newer version.  If your current version is prior to v10.0a, you are required to purchase an upgrade to the latest version.  If this requirement changes in the future, the details will be announced here.

Users who already have a registered version prior to v10.0a installed will be required to upgrade for a nominal fee (see upgrade page).  If you receive a registration code when you upgrade, you will need to enter the information when you first run the new version of ProKon.  If you receive the new registered version on diskettes, the program will install as the registered version from the diskettes.  Using either method, your registration information will be stored in the proreg.ini file.  If you delete this file or modify the registration information contained in the file, you will no longer be registered and will have to enter the correct registration information again.  It is wise to save a copy of proreg.ini in a safe place in case the original copy is lost or damaged.  See the readme.1st file supplied with the new version of ProKon for additional details regarding registration and installation.

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